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I have just ordered another diary from you. I wanted to say just how pleased I am with the diaries I have been ordering for years from you! Also, my lovely leather cover is aged and still great. I am really pleased you can now offer a Minister academic diary- many thanks. You offer a great service- very efficient. A VERY satisfied customer
K Kerry, London

Thank you for an excellent service.
J Lopez, Spain

Well done on what nowadays is such a slick service, making your fascinating range of diaries so easily available - a far cry from the 1970's when I first discovered Quo Vadis which was not then freely on sale in South Africa - and may still not be on sale widely here. But finding my annual diary has always been so interesting: before the development of the internet, I would scour stationery shops, I have bought copies in France and the UK when on visits, I have negotiated with friends to buy a copy for me and I think I once ordered from a Canadian outlet - always a shopping adventure. Now, your website has so many different offers that one is tempted to have a different diary for each different activity or interest! Guess that won't work!
A Ramsay, S Africa

Your service level was above and beyond the call of duty. Impressive and appreciated.
M Beaulieu, Sweden

The Quo Vadis "Business" is definitely the best format of diary for note/record keeping that I have encountered in almost 25 years of work. In the last few years I have introduced four of my friends to Quo Vadis diaries who now also think like me - so I suppose I feel vindicated - the design/product is obviously good - and that stops me being viewed as an obsesive/nostalgic/trainspotter!!!!!!!
T Phillips, Kirkcaldy

Honest and straightforward customer service for once.... this is extremely refreshing! Your very 'human' attitude leads me to heartily recommend you to my friends and continue to order from you in the future.
D O'Leary, London

I would like you to pass on my thanks for the excellent service I received from this company. I was very pleased and surprised when my order arrived today (Tuesday)as I had only ordered it on Sunday. Well done for providing such a quick and efficent service. I will definitely be purchasing future diaries this way and from the catalogue you enclosed, possibly other items too. I will also be letting my collegues know about your company. Well done again
M Williams, Newtwonards

WOW! Now, that's service. If only everything in life was so simple.
K O'Brien, Dublin

Brilliant Diarys, make life so much simpler to remember everything! As I am a therapist half hour slots are vital and it's great that I can put it in my bag and keep it with me. This means I can book appointments anytime, excellent oppotunities never missed anymore.
J Suckling, Mayfield

Can I just congratulate you on a very efficient and simple Internet service. It enables me to go on year after year finding your diaries without a problem.
N Jones, Camberwell

I am mailing to thank you for the very prompt and efficient service. The diaries I ordered arrived this morning. Many thanks for your help, and I look forward to ordering again next year.
S Appleton, Oxford

Just a short note to thank you for your most attentive and excellent service, I realise the ordwer is not millions, buit the execution of same was a credit to you company
C Clare, Gateshead

I ordered a diary cover by phone yesterday and it arrived today - I am well impressed (as they say in the modern vernacular!). Efficient and aesthetically pleasing, what more could one ask?!
C Benson, Faverham

As always, my new diary has arrived quickly and without fuss. every year I am impressed by your service, many thanks and long may it continue.
K Langton, Wokingham

Thank you very much for your concern and reply. I deeply appreciate it. I received the package today! And most importantly I love the item :) Hope to do business with you next year as well. Thank you again for your help and patience.
A Chung, Hyogo JAPAN

You're amazing!!
C Ferrier, London

Thank you so much for the amazing service
Anne B, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Thanks for extremely prompt processing. Diary already in use.
I Hitchman, Cardiff

Thank you. Very impressed with speed of delivery and I love your diary.
C Paskins, Hitchin

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my diary inserts - I'm impressed! I had the inserts in my hands less than 24 hours after ordering!
D Paterson, Glasgow

Just a quick note to confirm that i have received my replacement - many thanks - fantastic customer service - i will certainly recommend you wherever i can - will be in touch next year for my diary!
J Wales, Sheffield

Just to say that I have received this order and am very pleased with it. I am very impressed with the speed of your service - it certainly beats my trawling the shops of Dublin looking for it!
J Doyle, Dublin

Thank you very much... Your customer service has been excellent and you have really gone the extra mile to get me what I was looking for.