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My Friends

My Friends
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A weekend with friends, a memorable evening, a birthday, jokes, a friend's advice...as many friendship and joyous moments as you want to keep in your Memoriae Friends notebook.
At any age friends are always there. So as not to forget those favourite moments spent with friends write down those stories in your Memoriae notebook. You will be so happy to read back through it and to think about all those precious moments.
Everyone has friends, so buy this as a gift for one of them!

  Size: 10 x 15cm (4" x 6")

  Cover: Hardbound notebook style - NON-REFILLABLE with elastic closure

  Language/Edition: Multilingual: English-French-Italian-German-Spanish-Dutch

  Binding: Fully Stitched

  Paper: 85g Prestige Ivory

  • Indexes:
  • My friends, who are they? - best friends' descriptions, their personality, tastes...
  • Birthdays - organised by month and day
  • Social events - the best parties with friends, restaurants, best anecdotes
  • Addresses - of friends, great places to meet up, encounter websites
  • 2 freeform indexes - for important notes, stories, jokes, gift lists...