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Space 24 Robert Le Heros 2020

Space 24 Robert Le Heros 2020
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A horizontal weekly + notes Quo Vadis US edition in exciting printed designs by Robert le Heros, a world renowned French graphic design agency famous for their playful use of colours and textile designs.

  Size: 16 x 24cm (6 " x 9 ")

  Cover: Printed imitation leather

  Time Management: Week to view + weekly notes

  Language/Edition: English (US)

  Period: January to December

  Binding: Fully Stitched

  Paper: 90g Soft Green

  • 90g soft green paper
  • address pages
  • "anno-planning" year planners for current and next year
  • calendars for current and next year
  • conversion table (imperial/metric)
  • holidays chart (US)
  • international holidays chart
  • international telephone codes
  • maps N & S America
  • monthly planner
  • personal information page
  • tear-off corner opens to week in progress
  • travel and expense record pages
  • US time zones