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My Travels

My Travels
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Your first romantic trip to Florence, your honeymoon in Bali, the holiday with your first child in New York, your last holiday in Cuba. They represent wonderful. Memories, why not jot them all down in you’re my Memoriae My Travels notebook?
Write down all your most treasured discoveries, describe the most fantastic places, unusual encounters, spectacular landscapes together with practical information, addresses and things not to forget in the indexed sections.
The ideal gift for all travellers.

  Size: 10 x 15cm (4" x 6")

  Cover: Hardbound notebook style - NON-REFILLABLE with elastic closure

  Language/Edition: Multilingual: English-French-Italian-German-Spanish-Dutch

  Binding: Fully Stitched

  Paper: 85g Prestige Ivory

  • Indexes:
  • Destination information customs, food, climate, wildlife, language
  • Before leaving packing list, things to do, foreign phrases, phone numbers
  • Tourism museums, districts, beautiful sandy beaches
  • Restaurants, bars and hotels
  • Plus 2 freeform indexes notes, stories, addresses
  • + 16 pages of coloured world maps