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NEW Life Noted Academic 2018-19

NEW Life Noted Academic 2018-19
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SOLD OUT FOR 2018-19

A new generation of diaries for today's organisational challenges and time management needs.

  Size: 16 x 24cm (6 " x 9 ")

  Cover: Grain finish imitation leather with edge stitching

  Time Management: Horizontal week to view

  Language/Edition: English (US)

  Period: August to July

  Binding: Wire-O Bound

  Paper: 90g White

  • action/notes for year pages
  • address pages
  • "anno-planning" year planners
  • assessment for year page
  • calendars for three years
  • goals for year page
  • Life Noted planning system guide
  • monthly forecast/action/notes
  • month-to-view pages
  • note pages - dots
  • note pages - ruled
  • personal information page
  • priorities for year page
  • tear-off corner opens to week in progress